How to Choose the Right HVAC Unit for Optimal Humidity

Humidity plays a huge role in how you perceive the temperature around you and how comfortable you feel. Sometimes the heat is unbearable because of excess moisture in the air not allowing your sweat to evaporate. Fortunately, your air conditioning unit can be set to act as a dehumidifier, making the indoor air bearable. We … Read more

6 Low-Cost Ways to Increase Air Quality in Your Home

Applying these six low-cost methods can increase the quality of your air. Do you ever get the feeling that your air quality at home isn’t up to standard? While this suspicion is difficult to confirm, there is a good chance that you’re correct. The reason is that humans have an excellent sense of when conditions … Read more

Should I Buy a Humidifier or a Dehumidifier For My Home?

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Some homes are just too humid in the summer and too dry in the winter. Humidity levels inside a home should range between 30 to 60 percent, depending on what season it is. In the summer, the humidity level can go as high as 60 percent; in the winter the heat pump can bring the level down … Read more