Why Autumn Is the Perfect Time to Schedule an HVAC Check-Up

The best time to do preventive check-ups of your HVAC system is Spring and Autumn.

St. Louis woman scheduling hvac maintenance

Most households nowadays are relying heavily on HVAC systems to go comfortably through the heat of the summer and chilly autumn nights. New models allow homeowners to control the parameters of the cooling, heating and ventilating in each room of the house, scheduling their systems or operating them remotely through an Internet connection.

Whether your HVAC system is brand new or it has a few years of activity behind, it should be regularly maintained by a professional HVAC expert. The manufacturer of your unit usually specifies how frequent maintenance should be, but for a unit to work efficiently, twice a year is generally the ideal frequency for check-ups.

Autumn HVAC Check-Up

The best time to do preventive check-ups of your HVAC system isSpring and Autumn. That’s because the unit will perform two entirely different tasks in between. After running intensively for the whole summer, it’s wisest to get a team to look at your exterior and interior units, the duct system, the pipes, etc. Making sure everything works properly for the winter is part of preventive maintenance, and it prolongs the life-span of any system you have.

Preventing Bigger Issues

Identifying potential problems or issues in their incipient phase can save you a lot of time, money and comfort in the long-term. This type of approach allows you to spot cracks, leaks, weakened connections, damaging factors and other things that would become worse if ignored.

Cleaning Up Summer’s Dirt

It is also a good opportunity to clean the system, the filters and ducts, as well as groom the area around the exterior unit. All of these steps will ensure a smooth start for the winter.

Changing the Thermostat Settings

For many users, setting up the thermostat is an annoying task. Use the autumn check-up as a chance of asking the maintenance team to do it for you. This way, you will make sure everything is indeed programmed the way you want. If you have any doubts on how to program and schedule your thermostat, ask your HVAC expert for help.

Schedule Future Maintenance and Getting Good Deals

An advantage of getting your HVAC unit checked preventively is becoming a loyal customer of your HVAC service company. A lot of companies offer discounts if you schedule your maintenance with them regularly. Saving a few bucks on the service, on top of the money you would spend on more serious problems, is not to be ignored. Also, you can talk to the experts about how you can choose a more effective energy plan, saving even more.

Now that summer has ended, the information above should convince you to pick up the phone and call your HVAC service team for an autumn check-up. That way, you can prolong your system’s life and fix any potential issues before they cause costly problems. Give us a call 24/7 (314) 394-0802!