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Energy Star Approved HVAC Appliances

Do you know what the Energy Star labels mean? Since its inauguration in 1992, consumers have been seeing Energy Star labels on appliances in all retail stores, including those used to heat and cool our homes. But do you really know what those numbers mean? If you are considering replacing your homes boiler or air … Read more

Utilizing UV Rays To Protect Your Home From Pollutants

It is estimated that at least 50% of illnesses are the direct result of indoor air pollution. Considering the amount of time we spend indoors, it would be prudent of us to try and eliminate contaminates from our homes air. The biggest distributor of pollution in our homes is the heating and cooling systems. If … Read more

Get Into The Zone And Start Saving Now

Energy costs are on the rise again, and strapped homeowners are constantly looking for ways to cut down on them. Customized Zoning System One way is to control the distribution of heated and cooled air throughout your house. Typically, a homeowner is unable to focus on just one room or area inside, but with the … Read more

Gas or Electric Boiler

Which type of boiler system is best suited for your commercial building? Small commercial buildings and manufacturers usually rely on some type of boiler system to heat their premises. Most often they use what are known as hot water boilers, where water is heated and then distributed throughout a closed system. Boilers typically run on … Read more